Gyan Riley

"Beautiful and enigmatic"…"an alluringly intimate vibe created from the first note."
-The New York Times

"Gyan Riley is a one-man American-music machine, amicably ranging across the fields of jazz, world music, and post-minimalism."
-The New Yorker

Pitchfork feature – Altered Earth

Pitchfork has featured a video mash-up of our performance in Arles, France in October, presented by the Luma Foundation.  It is taken from the opening of Doug Aitken’s installation Altered Earth, currently on view in the Grande Halle of the Parc des Ateliers.  Performing with Terry Riley and Tracy Silverman.

Altered Earth

Playing at the opening of Doug Aitken’s exhibition Altered Earth tonight at the Grande Halle in Arles, France with my dad and Tracy Silverman. This looks to be great fun!


Playing John Zorn’s Masada music at The Stone with Secret Chiefs 3 last night was an absolute blast!  Looking forward to reinventing a bunch of my music there tonight at 10pm with Timba Harris, Ches Smith, and Toby Driver…first time with this configuration!


Heading back to Lebanon today, this time playing with Al-Madar at the Beirut Jazz Festival on Thursday.  Then coming up in early Oct, I’m playing several shows at the Stone as part of Timba Harris’ residency there. The schedule is here


Joshua Light Show at Skirball Center

Friday’s show at NYU was a real blast! And we even got to sit in with Lou Reed, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and Milford Graves at the end of their set!


Teatro Romano

Sound check for the last show I played at the Sound Res Festival in Lecce, Italy.

Marciac video

This was such a fun show!  Our set (Secret Chiefs 3 and John Zorn) starts around 31:55.  Not the whole set, but I was glad to see and hear it from another perspective!

Pizzica and prison

Had my first concert for the Sound Res Festival in the Puglia region of Italy last night, with a bunch of amazing local singers who sing a type of tarantella called Pizzica . I arranged a couple of these traditional tunes, and we had an amazing festival house band of about 25 musicians to back up the singers. Now I’m off to play a completely improvised show in a women’s prison, with David Cossin on drums and Luca Tarantino on bass. I’ve never done anything quite like this…very exciting!

Sound Res

In Rome for a few days before heading down to Lecce for the Sound Res Festival. Really looking forward to meeting and playing with all the musicians there! See my shows page for details about the concerts, or visit the festival website here.



Veeeeeeeeeeery excited to be a part of this show on Monday in France!