Gyan Riley

"Beautiful and enigmatic"…"an alluringly intimate vibe created from the first note."
-The New York Times

"Gyan Riley is a one-man American-music machine, amicably ranging across the fields of jazz, world music, and post-minimalism."
-The New Yorker

Pizzica and prison

Had my first concert for the Sound Res Festival in the Puglia region of Italy last night, with a bunch of amazing local singers who sing a type of tarantella called Pizzica . I arranged a couple of these traditional tunes, and we had an amazing festival house band of about 25 musicians to back up the singers. Now I’m off to play a completely improvised show in a women’s prison, with David Cossin on drums and Luca Tarantino on bass. I’ve never done anything quite like this…very exciting!

Sound Res

In Rome for a few days before heading down to Lecce for the Sound Res Festival. Really looking forward to meeting and playing with all the musicians there! See my shows page for details about the concerts, or visit the festival website here.



Veeeeeeeeeeery excited to be a part of this show on Monday in France!

San Simon!

I’m playing with Al-Madar today and tomorrow at a festival on San Simon, a beautiful tiny island off the NW coast of Spain. It’s a protected park and they only allow 500 people here per day for the festival, shuttled in one boat load at a time. Can’t wait!

San Simon, Spain


I’m excited to play again tomorrow at Razz’zz in Beirut! (yes, there really are that many Z’s. ). The first show with Al-Madar on Sunday was really fun, and since w had today off, we had to force ourselves to swim in the sea and eat this ridiculously tasty Lebanese food…

Summer Tour

Today, I am thrilled to be heading out to play the first shows with Al-Madar, a brand new band led by composer/multi-instrumentalist Bassam Saba.  Starting off in Beirut (exact show info coming soon), we will then have 7 shows in Portugal and Spain, playing at some great festivals…

Al-Madar Tour
Bassam Saba – ney, flutes, oud
Timba Harris – violin, trumpet
Gyan Riley – guitar
Brian Holtz – bass
April Centrone – drums and percussion

Please check out my shows page for my most recent tour schedule…

Electric Progression

Here’s a brand new video of my piece Progression of the Ancestors…a pretty heavy electric version!